About Darien Wilson

Darien Wilson: Entrepreneur. Mom. Leader.

Darien and her family

"What guides my decision-making process? Science, data, and facts. Evidence-based decisions, not politics, is the best way our Douglas County government can protect our health and safety."

Darien Wilson

Darien Wilson is a successful small-business owner and entrepreneur.

As a Douglas County mom to three kids, Darien has been a volunteer leader – helping bring balance and common sense back to the Douglas County School Board.

A member of the Northwest Douglas County Chamber and Economic Development Corporation, Darien has worked in the community to help local businesses succeed and thrive. Invested in the prosperity of our community, Darien’s management skills and ability to bring people together to solve problems will serve us well on the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

As our county commissioner, Darien will bring almost 20 years of experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

A lifelong volunteer and mother of three, Darien will fight for our families' futures. Her ability to bring people to the table and use common sense to solve problems is the kind of leadership Douglas County needs.

What is a County Commissioner?

Why is your vote for county commissioner so important?

Why is my vote for County Commissioner so important?

The three member Board of County Commissioners serve as the governing body for Douglas County. They are responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.

Commissioners work with staff to identify spending priorities for our $463 million budget, and set policy related to transportation, public safety, economic development, land use, special districts, and more. The decisions they make often impact our daily lives more than state or federal legislation.

Commissioners are elected countywide, but must live in their district. Every registered voter in Douglas County has the opportunity to vote for two commissioners in 2020. Darien is running to represent District 3, which is Highlands Ranch.

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